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Shabbos Table

From: $33.00 / month for 3 months

Raffe Site Is Closed:

Raffle Winner is, Moshe Neuman Kiryas Joel NY!!

Donate $250 and up!! GET Unique Rashash Segulah Coin!!! Plus 70k Silver

Raffle Drawing October 6, 2022



Win A Dream Shabbos Table!!!!

Set your Shabbos table regally, as befits the Shabbos Queen!!

With Silverware worth $70,000!!!!!!!!!


Plus, Receive Great Yeshuos!!!

Health, riches, shidduchim and good children. (As Reb Shimon bar Yochai promises 127 times in Zohar.)












By supporting Torah learning, at the highest level, at Kollel Chatzos!!!

Every midnight, nearly 100 scholars leave their warm beds and gather at Kollel Chatzos to study Torah throughout the night. Chatzos is the time of eis ratzon, the time that Hashem goes into Gan Eden and waits to hear the Torah from the Tzaddikim of this world!
At that time, these serious learners immerse themselves in learning for six consecutive hours, culminating in a fervent vasikin Shacharis. This practice is brought down in Zohar 127 times as the segula, and zechus that brings down all the greatest yeshuos.

Lock into the zechus of this great mitzvah, for only $100 and receive the benefits of this great segula for yeshuos, plus, a luxurious Shabbos table, with all the silver you could have ever dreamed of!!!!

According to the Psak of the Rabbanim you can use maser money

All the silverware included:

  • 12 Wine Cups
  • Cutlaey Holder
  • 2 Sets Cutlery
  • Flat Napkin Holder
  • Salt Holder
  • Flower Vase
  • Becher with Matching Cover
  • Candle Lighter
  • Chalah Knife
  • Wine Bottle and Tray
  • Wine Holder
  • Match Box
  • Tzaduka Box
  • 12 Light Candelabra
  • Matching Candelabra Tray
  • Silver Zamiras Holder



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