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Raffle Winner!!! Eliahu & Ayala Tzitat



Mesugalim, a family for the autistic child

Mesugalim is an organization based in Israel, providing many services for autistic children and their families. Autism, varying in a broad spectrum of functionalities, places many hurdles and burdens on the affected children and their families. Mesugalim is there for them with assistance and encouragement.

Mesugalim runs a mini hotel in which they host autistic children for short-term periods of time, giving them the support and therapy they require and enabling the families to enjoy some quiet time and longed-after tranquility. During the holiday seasons in Israel, hundreds of autistic children participate in the Mesugalim camp programs, in order to give the families time to rejuvenate.

Mesugalim organizes special programs for the children and families while offering advice and professional guidance for the parents, and arranging meetings between parents of similar cases to share their experiences and support one another.

Mesugalim was founded and established by a group of parents of autistic children, with the purpose of
providing relief and assistance to others suffering likewise. And is absolutely not meant to financially benefit anyone. All activities and programs are covered only by our dear sponsors.

The ‘suite’ dream raffle

In order to expand and increase our activities, Mesugalim is now offering a massive raffle, in which someone [maybe you..] is going to win TWO magnificent state-of-the-art brand-new suites right next to the shores of the Kineret and in close proximity of the Rambam’s tomb.

The suites include all furniture and appliances, updated and sophisticated, airy and breezy, with a breathtaking scenic view and wide living space.

The suites will enable the winner to enjoy a substantial rental income monthly, and an incredible vacation resort for when he chooses. Besides the immeasurable mitzvah that he along with all other raffle participants will be awarded boundless blessings.

Maran Rav Chaim Kanievski Shlit”a and Maran Rav Shalom Cohen Shlit”a have blessed all donors, that
their hearty donation shall protect them from all evil, and they should never need to deal with this
dreadful nissayon of autism.




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