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Ezras Achim

The Ambulance Raffle

An ambulance is rushing down the streets of Beit Shemesh, sirens screaming and lights shining, transporting an ill patient to the hospital where doctors are awaiting his arrival with best of equipment. Eventually, the patient has recovered, and is later transported in the very same ambulance, but fortunately, to a sweet destination: Home sweet home!

A closer look at the ambulance will reveal a name of an individual that to his account all accumulated zchusim go. A name that gets enormous credit for all good deeds done with this ambulance, for all lives saved through it.

That name might be yours!

Ezras Achim’s grand raffle offers the incredible opportunity to win the dedication zchus of the brand-new ambulance joining its fleet. For heavenly blessings and protection for him and his family, or for the elevation of souls to his deceased beloved ones.

An additional raffle will be drawn, granting the winner a hefty sum of $10,000 dollars in cool cash.

This is the type of raffle that nobody can afford missing. Lets not lose any time!


Why an ambulance?

Ezras Achim operates a fleet of customized, wheelchair accessible vehicles and ambulettes, which transport patients and individuals with physical limitations to hospitals, medical appointments and other urgent needs, such as dialysis and chemotherapy treatments.

We also run a hospital shuttle service that enables the family members of patients to constantly visit their loved ones in the sick beds. This service is in great demand, and serves hundreds of Beit Shemesh residents weekly.

Currently there is a dire need for yet another fully equipped ambulance, for the immediate assistance of just too many of our brethren in desperate need of our services.


Ezras Achim

Ezras Achim was founded in 1997 by Avraham Kopp of Beit Shemesh. As its name, it offers relief and assistance to all city residents alike. Ezras Achim’s large warehouse houses cutting-edge medical equipment of the highest caliber, which are loaned free of charge to people in need, in addition to many other medical services including, Bilirubin testing, burn treatment, Shabbos clinic and more.

Ezras Achim operates a fleet of ambulances and shuttles, transporting patients and their families to and from hospitals all over the country. Aside from the Meals-on-Wheels service providing daily fresh cooked meals to alleviate the suffering of families facing the challenges of illness.


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