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Support Cancer Patients
And Their Families.


Oseh Chayil assist cancer patients and stands by their side throughout every step of the process, supporting them along the way with financial and emotional support.

מפעל עושה חיל



One case brings another

A glance at a multifaceted chesed operation | its numerous offerings | How it came aboutand how it remains a one-man organization to this day


On that early morning a few years ago, when Rabbe Yechiel Yoel Wagshal got the call from his daily kollel chavrusa, he never reckoned that it would saddle him with such a burdensome responsibility­­­—and introduce him to an entirely new field he had never before visited.

Rabbi Wagshal at the time was an ordinary kollel yungerman, invested in learning and davening each day without interference; Torah was his daily toil.

He’d learn each day with a respected yungerman until noon, together passionately conquering pages of Gemara and concerned only with the arguments of Abayei and Rava, and the bottom-line plain meaning at the end of the day.

Over their last few days together, their studies were disturbed several times when the chavrusa complained of severe headaches. He tried to quiet them with Tylenol—to no avail.

That afternoon, the chavrusa was at a yehivah where he worked as a shoel u’meishiv—when he suddenly collapsed. Chaos erupted among the bochurim, but Hatzolah volunteers quickly arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

When the yungerman came to, he found himself in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors, who began a battery of tests to determine what lay beneath the mysterious headaches.

I’m in the hospital

When Rabbi Wagshal picked up the phone the next morning, he heard the frightened voice of his kollel chavrusa, who told him in a quiet voice, “I fell down and I’m in the hospital. Maybe you can come over?”

I immediately after davening, Rabbi Wagshal headed out to the hospital, where he heard the grim news: His dear friend had been diagnosed with a terrible disease, Hashem yishmor, and had a frightening growth in his head.

The patient himself was shaken enough by the news. But all the new medical terms being thrown about and the tough decisions he now had to make, which only made things worse, left him confused and at a loss on what to do. Which doctor to go to? Which avenue to take?

Rabbi Wagshal found new inner courage and took upon himself the challenge of familiarizing himself with all pertinent medical details and decisions. He assured his friend that all would be well and that he’d tend to all the particulars of securing the best doctors and treatments, so that he’d be able to go back home as soon as possible, healthy and fit.

Over the next few weeks, Rabbi Wagshal became a veritable medical expert, throwing himself head over heels into complex terminology, extensive research and conversations with specialist, all to clearly understand the entire subject and ensure that his friend get the best treatment.

Medical needs

Rabbi Wagshal wasn’t satisfied with that.

Talking with his friend, he discerned that his friend also had financial pressures. Undergoing all his treatments while stuck in the hospital as he was, his family had in the meantime lost their primary source of income. The pressure practically sucked the strength and very marrow from the yungerman with his worrying over financially supporting his wife and children.

At that point, Rabbi Wagshal made the selfless decision to personally assume responsibilities for his friend’s household expenses. He told his friend that until he completely recovers, he’d provide a sizable sum each week, allowing his family to carry on unburdened. All household expenses would be covered.

It goes without saying that Rabbi Wagshal didn’t have any significant sums in the first place with which to launch such an undertaking—for his own family, he barely had enough, busy as he was with learning and davening all day. His savings were relatively small. But his friend’s health and life hovered before his eyes, and he understood that as long as his friend wouldn’t be carrying the burden of income, he’d be working to improve the situation.

Everything ultimately worked out right. Without side concerns like worrying about supporting his family or making medical decisions, the yungerman’s strength returned and he was able to focus on his wellbeing. The doctors openly said that Rabbi Wagshal had a major part in saving his friend’s life.

The friend, for his part, underwent difficult treatments and fought for his life—and, with Hashem’s help, he’s now on the road towards a complete recovery. (May Hashem send him a total refuah shleimah!)

Rabbi Wagshal kept his word and, in the ensuing two years, delivered $1,000 to his friend’s family every week! The money didn’t come from him, though—he collected it from community donors, friends and dollar-by-dollar collecting.

Each week Rabbi Wagshal would start anew, pulling together the cash in every possible way. He visited every Jewish community and solicited donations from goodhearted fellow Jews. But not once did he fail to make his weekly deliveries.

One man, many organizations

In time, Rabbi Yechiel Yoel Wagshal went from one man to a one-man organization—an organization providing advice and guidance in speaking to doctors and professors and making

Medical decisions, and an organization covering the patient’s complete medical-bill “payroll” each week.

Growing and expanding

But all that’s just the start of the story.

The numerous side activities didn’t stop here, not being limited to one person and one situation. More cases—heads of households who have been diagnosed with cancer—have laid new burdens and families upon Rabbi Wagshal to carry. New names have flocked to Rabbi Wagshal in hope of his outstretched hand of help in their times of need.

A short time after Rabbi Wagshal began collecting the funds for his chavrusa’s case, he got a phone call from a woman whose husband had just been diagnosed with cancer. In a tear-choked voice, she asked him, “Can you also get me $1,000 a week?”

To Rabbi Wagshal, it was a heart-wrenching request—to which he immediately responded that he was ready to support her family. That call became the second link in the chain of chesed for Jews sadly bound to their sickbeds unable to work or bring any bread home.

After Rabbi Wagshal’s name got out on the street as a “Jewish patient activist,” he became a name and a number, with numerous patients flocking to him for help and financial assistance. It was something that he gladly did, even for his friend from the beginning for whom he did everything, working hard for him every week to put together the money.

But when patients knock on your door, it’s terribly hard to turn your back. And so a new organization was born, in which Rabbi Yechiel Yoel Wagshal took on far than one more case.

The work is growing. The needs are exploding. And the urgency to aid such a holy and life-affirming calling is burning.


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