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The legendary community of Sanz Zvill in Union City stands like an oasis in a parched desert. The warm, welcoming  Mosdos Sanz Zvill of Union City, New Jersey, are the child of the tireless efforts, the unflagging perseverance of a tzaddik whose heart and soul was aflame with Ahavas Yisroel and mesiras nefesh.

Now the Sanz Klausenberger Rebbe’s dreams are a vivid reality. The flames of Torah and Chassidus that were shining brightly in Klausenberg, Romania now warm Union City, New Jersey with their fervent fire.

The thriving yeshivah… the flourishing kollel… the constantly growing cheder and school… All conceived from the toil and tears of one great man.

Union City is a city of tremendous accomplishment in both the ruchniyus and physical realms. We hope that you aspire to have a share in their many accomplishments. In the great zechus of assisting and supporting this eminently worthy bastion of Torah and Chessed, may you be blessed with shefa, bracha and hatzlacha. We wish you prosperity, success and much joy.


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